INSIGHT - Happy New Year, A Pint! for your thoughts in 2024

1 Jan 2024


Anyone ordering a pint of champagne to celebrate New Year?


No? Really? Why not? Well! the Government have just announced that champagne can be sold in pints now think you ought to be celebrating, undoubtedly, they say, one of the freedoms of Brexit.  Illusory or just plain daft, which sums up Brexit very concisely. A yearning for the illusions of Empire in the twenty first century.

Champagne bottle inserted upside down in Pint drinking Glass

Instead of looking back, we in the local Liberal Democrat party in Bexhill and Battle are looking forward – in May to the certain election for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex and helping our friends and neighbours in the Hastings and Rye party in the borough elections, and whenever Sunak deigns to give up his tenure of 10 Downing Street, a General Election.

We also need to be alert to any possible by-election on our own patch, especially with the current no overall control position on the County Council, where we know we have a full round of elections coming up in May 2025.  So, plenty of opportunities to prove decisively to the Conservatives that their candidates need to be consigned to the dustbin of their own divisive, inhumane and corrupt politics.

At our AGM in November, Bill Goddard was elected as Vice-Chair of our party and became the party’s Spokesperson for Bexhill.  Thanks Bill.

So, it looks like being a very active and busy New Year for us all in our local party.  I do hope you enjoy a good year, and I shall be very pleased to hear from you if you want to take part in any of our activities, either social or political or preferably both.


Stephen Hardy MBE,  Chair Bexhill and Battle Liberal Democrats, 1 January 2024.


Just in case you were not aware, another Brexit freedom came into being on January 1st.  Remember how the Leave claque said we would have stronger environmental protections if we left the EU.  Well now, British farmers no longer have to follow EU regulations on reducing agricultural run-off into rivers: they no longer need to create buffer strips to separate farmland from water courses, thus reducing the risk of run-off, and rules to prevent soil erosion have been made less stringent.

We told you so.


Bill Goddard - Vice Chair Bexhill & Battle Liberal Democrats
Bill Goddard Vice-Chair of our party and spokesperson for Bexhill.