Poll shows Lib Dems set to overtake Conservatives in Portsmouth South

2 Apr 2024

The Liberal Democrats are set to overtake the Conservatives in Portsmouth South according to a shock poll conducted by national polling company Survation.

The poll projected both Labour and the Conservatives losing votes to the Liberal Democrats, who gained the most of any party in Portsmouth South.

This is consistent with the Conservatives abandoning Portsmouth South in a desperate bid to save Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt, who is tipped to lose her seat at the next General Election.

Poll showing the Liberal Democrats increasing their vote by 8.4% while Labour lose 2.6% and the Conservatives lose 15.5%.

On news of the poll Charlie Murphy, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth South, said:

This is exactly what we are hearing on the doorstep. On the doorstep, people tell me they have had enough of the Conservatives, but they either don't trust Labour or don't find them inspiring. Portsmouth deserves a real alternative, it's now between the Liberal Democrats and Labour here.

Charlie Murphy, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Portsmouth South

Having elected Liberal Democrats to run the City Council for 16 of the last 20 years, people in Portsmouth know that Liberal Democrats work hard for them and stick up for our city.

The Liberal Democrats will continue working hard for every vote, with the Local Elections expected to show who can win in Portsmouth South later this year.

The full result for Portsmouth South is:

  • Labour             46% (-2.6%)
  • Conservative   21.8% (-15.5%)
  • Lib Dem          19.8% (+8.4%)
  • Reform:           6.4% (N/A)
  • Green:             4.1% (N/A)
  • Other:              1.6%