Rishi's Potholes

19 Mar 2024
Potholes on the roads of Britain

Our nation’s roads have been starved of proper funding since 2010 and the consequences are all too apparent.  Across the country and particularly in Oxfordshire motorists rightly complain about the dire state of our roads.

The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) rated 56% of the nations roads as being ‘adequate’ or ‘poor’.  Council’s are expected to fix two million potholes this year but inflation means that they are in effect having a cut in funding.  The national backlog of repairs is now estimated as £16.3bn up from £14bn last year.

In Oxfordshire, we receive less than half of the budget necessary to maintain the roads properly.  Even by borrowing £16m per year and an additional £5m for 2024/25 this is not sufficient to maintain current roads, nevermind address the backlog.

As Liberal Democrats, we are calling upon the next Prime Minister to reverse a generation of cuts to ensure that all essential services are funded properly to deliver a safe environment for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.