Shock poll shows Lib Dem Will Forster set to win Woking at next election 

19 Jan 2024
Who would win if an election was held tomorrow in Woking? Liberal Democrats!

The most detailed survey in five years has predicted that Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Will Forster is set to defeat the Conservative Party in Woking at the next election. 

The MRP poll by YouGov, reported in The Telegraph yesterday, finds that Conservative Jonathan Lord would narrowly lose their seat to Lib Dem candidate Will Forster if an election were held now.  More widely, the Lib Dems are predicted to win 48 seats at the next election, most of which from the Blue Wall in which Woking sits. 

This follows four unprecedented by-election wins in formerly safe Conservative seats in the past two years, as well as hundreds of gains in local elections across the Blue Wall since 2019.  Woking now has 22 Lib Dem Councillors, and the Conservatives have failed to win a single seat in Woking in the last two elections.  The party faces being wiped out from the Borough Council completely in this year’s local elections following the Conservatives record bankrupting Woking. 

The Lib Dems have made constituencies like Woking the centrepiece of the party’s General Election campaign, vowing to ‘tear down the Blue Wall’ and capitalise on the thousands of voters who are sick to their back teeth with the Conservative Government. 

The Lib Dems in Woking running major campaigns against the Government focused on fixing local health services that have been run into the ground.  The party are calling for the right to see a GP within a week or 24 hours if in urgent need, a legal guarantee to start cancer treatment within two months of an urgent referral and ensuring people can get an NHS dentist appointment when they need one. 

Responding to the poll, Lib Dem candidate for Woking, Will Forster, said: 

“People in Woking deserve better and this poll shows that thousands of voters are crying out for real change after being taken for granted by this Conservative Government.” 

“Sadly, Conservative MPs are too busy fighting with themselves to care for our area.  We shouldn’t be in a situation where local families can’t get a GP appointment, water companies get away with dumping sewage in our rivers, and people can’t afford the basics.  We need a change - and this poll tells us that voting for the Lib Dems is the best way to deliver it.” 

“While the Conservative Party could not be more out of touch, the Lib Dems are campaigning hard for a fair deal.  As our area's next MP, I would stand up for Woking and give local people the voice that they need and deserve.”